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What is Technical Fluency?

It wasn't that I didn't know the right answers to be seeking from engineers — I didn't even know the right questions to ask! I'm a sporting goods guy."

Kevin PlankFounder and Executive Chairman, Under Armour

As a non-technical professional, you might have felt a “disconnect” while working with engineers, or while reading about new technological developments.

Becoming “technically fluent” will help you close this gap. You will not get there by learning to code.


This will empower you to:

  1. Strategize technically and be a driver of transformation in your industry, not a passive observer.
  2. Confidently participate in technical discussions. Ask insightful questions and push back when needed. Intelligently communicate your vision and goals to engineers, and never feel like a “lost” bystander in meetings.
  3. Understand the big moving parts of technology and how they affect your business — save time, improve margins and increase revenue.
  4. Get things done 3x faster by quickly getting engineers on the same page as you. No more surprises.
  5. Sell effectively to technical decision makers. Build real credibility and trust.
  6. Unleash valuable insights from your background that engineers are probably missing.
  7. Stay up-to-date with new technology trends and spot threats/opportunities from a mile away.
  8. Become the go-to person for bridging the tech and non-tech gap in your organization.

Meet your instructor:

Aman Y. Agarwal, CEO and Founder of SANPRAM.

As an engineer, Aman has worked on self-driving trucks, computer vision for robot assistants, and AI-enabled brain-computer interfaces. He was also a B2B sales executive for two tech startups both worth >$1 billion.

Aman has received worldwide recognition for his teaching. His essays explaining cutting-edge AI technologies to non-engineers have been widely discussed in the media, and he has given guest lectures on AI to fine arts students in Japan. He has a Masters degree in Systems Engineering from Cornell University, USA.

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What You'll Learn

Module 1: Big Picture

Build technical intuition. Learn to translate a business strategy into a software architecture. Start incorporating new technologies like AI. Become capable of analyzing and designing systems at a high level.

Module 2: Full Stack

Practical decision making around complex infrastructure. Learn how tech companies scale to millions of customers. See how developers work inside a company and learn engineering management skills.

Module 3: New Ideas

More exposure to topics relevant to YOUR interests — eg: blockchain, IoT, cybersecurity, AI, etc. Explore what’s possible and chart a new path for your company and career!

What to Expect

Customized 1:1 program with both hand-holding and tough love.

You already understand business. We’ll use that as the base, gradually expanding your practical technical knowledge and confidence.

You can't become "fluent" by passively consuming lectures and memorizing facts. Expect practical exercises, brainstorming discussions, and reading.

We'd ideally expect around 3 hours of work from you each week/weekend. Depending on your pace, the program could last anywhere from 7-12 weeks.

Tech communication gaps cost companies millions of dollars in time, money and stress.

How to Enroll

Schedule a 20-minute call to discuss your goals and how we could help.
If the program is not right for you, we’ll point you in a better direction.

Schedule 20min Meeting
Currently limited to 5 people per month.

Whether you sign up or not, we're rooting for you — building a huge business is hard. We wish something really good happens to you today that makes you smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn to code?
No. Coding skills are secondary to technical intuition. If you are really interested, Aman can point you towards the best free resources.

Is it really tailored for me? Can we have 1:1 sessions on weekends?
Yes and yes!

I don’t have 3 hours a week, can it be quicker?
Any less than 3 hours per week, and you won’t learn quickly or deeply enough. Aman would prefer if you don’t do it, than get mediocre results from his teaching.

Can I get training for our managers/recruiters/salespeople/etc?
We can talk about it. Use the same link above to schedule a meeting.

How will I access the course?
It will be on Google Classroom. We will release the learning material (lectures, quizzes, assignments) on a weekly basis on your class homepage. We will also schedule 1 video session per week. You won’t need to download any software.

What is your pricing, and can I get a discount?
Unfortunately, the program includes direct access to the instructor (our CEO) so we can’t give discounts. But we do have some affordable alternatives so don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting.

In any case, you can read all of our >4000 word essays and consume our world-class content for free!

How can I contact you?
Use the contact form below; we read every email. Or just schedule a meeting!