Live Workshops

Level-up your team’s digital fluency in record time. Short, customized trainings available virtually or in-person.*

Cybersecurity Strategy and Intuition for Non-Technical Executives

Unlike what most people think, cybersecurity is more about creative problem-solving than technical wizardry. Avoid expensive breaches and losses by learning how to identify and prioritize threats across the entire business.

Machine Learning and Data Strategy for Business Executives

"AI" is a dubious buzzword. Learn to take AI/ML projects from "research" to "revenue" — finding profitable use-cases, confidently making a data strategy, and integrating AI applications with other parts of your business.

Leading Tech Projects to Success as a Non-Technical Manager

Most software project teams miss deadlines and go over budget. Learn proven methods to plan effective product roadmaps, ensure disciplined execution and get timely deliveries with >90% success.

Technical Confidence and Communication for Non-Engineers

Bridge the communication gap with technical experts. Learn simple and effective strategies to help you gain influence over engineers without authority, ask the right questions, and push back when needed!

Technical Sales Acceleration for Account Executives

It's the harsh truth: technical buyers don't trust salespeople. Building "technical rapport" will help you move deals 20% quicker, ship more revenue and close more deals, while reducing dependency on sales engineers.

(We also offer a 1-on-1 training program for non-technical executives.)


Who is the instructor for your workshops?

Through 2021, the instructor would likely be our CEO and Founder himself: Aman Y. Agarwal.

Are the workshops virtual or in-person?

It depends on your needs and the instructor’s availability. By default, the workshop will be over Zoom.

How long are your workshops, and who can join?

While designing the workshop, we care about enjoyment and long-term retention of whatever we teach. So we avoid long, marathon-like boring workshops.

Our virtual workshops are typically split up into short sessions of 90-120 minutes each, spread over multiple days with some light readings/homework involved in between.

We’ll work with you to find the best arrangement suitable to your needs.

What is your pricing?

Our pricing depends on the topic, audience, and other details.

For workshops that involve a lot of individual attention, we price it per attendee.

Others have a flat fee with unlimited attendees.

Just talk to us.

What if we're interested in a topic that's not exactly listed, or is a combination?

That’s okay! Book a meeting and we’ll figure out your exact needs!