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Sanpram Transnational Corp.

A global education company, helping today's leaders thrive in a tech-driven future.
Simple philosophy: Take care of each other, do work that helps, and have fun.

We know job hunting sucks.

Even if you have some experience, and especially if you don't.
Let's try to change that.
Our recruitment process focuses on YOU.

No resumes/CVs.
No cover letters.
No ghosting after interviews.

What We Offer

An adventure

You're joining at a very early stage. We're constantly trying new things, so you'll find both exhilaration and disappointment.

A supportive team

You'll feel safe to share your views, encouraged to pursue your goals, and recognized for your efforts. We genuinely care about your wellness and success.

A chance to learn and get better

You don't have to pretend to know everything. It's part of our responsibility to provide you with the training and tools you need to excel.

High standards

You'll have a lot of responsibility, and your work will be seen by the whole world. You'll be challenged to grow and become world-class at whatever you do.

Current Openings

Philosophy, art, engineering, business - whatever background, you're invited.

Corporate Communications (Internship)

The Role

First, a quick summary:

We’re an executive education company.

  • Your main responsibility is assisting the CEO in business communications with important people over email, social media, and on the phone/video calls.
  • You don’t need “experience,” but a motivation to succeed and being willing to learn.
  • Fully remote. If you can work Western European hours, that’s helpful.
  • This part probably sucks: it will start as an unpaid internship for the first 1-2 months, and then change into a paid position if you decide to stick with us.

“What will I do on a day-to-day basis?”

  • Most of your time will be spent managing communication with a huge variety of people on the CEO’s behalf.
  • This means VP and C-level executives of companies, journalists, university professors, you name it.
  • You’ll write a lot of emails, for all kinds of purposes.
  • You will also do research into industries and organizations to find specific people.

“How could this role help my career?”

You will start small, but rapidly gain responsibility. Eventually you will even represent the CEO in some meetings.

Given the nature of this position, it is the ultimate opportunity to hone your “soft skills” to a world-class level. Although these skills would accelerate any career you may pursue in future, you’ll gain a very direct entry into communications, fundraising, marketing, sales or executive assistance.

“What are the requirements?”

In terms of hard skills, you need to be very proficient and in English. Besides that, it’s 80% about having a cheerful personality and good common sense.

  • You should greatly enjoy reading and writing.
  • A solid intuition for the underlying “tone” in communication: being able to vary how formal or casual you sound depending on the circumstance. It’s almost like writing dialogue for a movie.
  • A little humor goes a long way.
  • Cultural sensitivity: we’re a very international company.

How to Apply

Our Selection Process

We don’t need your resume/CV or cover letter. We want to give you a chance to impress us and show us how you think.

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